My Heart

Image of My Heart

Mad love! ❣️
More visuals available on instagram! She features a 2 hole sculpted anatomical heart perc. Thank you for being here! Mad love

The greatest art is of the heart!
The question is “How do I start?”
I’ll fill a page with love or rage
and reengage my signs of age
Shall it be smooth or tense or round
Just words or image, light and sound
Will it hold meaning? And be received
Applause of love, the dream believed
Is it for you? Or just for me?
Should i ignore a strangers plea?
Or find the pulse without a doubt “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out”
Guide my hands in your creation
Gifted vision, imagination
Clairvoyant voice within the soul, “Will I fulfill my role?”
Don’t fall apart! Stand tall, Be smart
The greatest art is of the heart!
Don’t forget. ❤️