Beach Blues

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Beach Blues
I’ve been working on a new elongated skull pipe design. There are three that exist: blue, red, and pink. Both red and pink is sold but the blue1 is still available and up on the website. Much of my work has been commissions lately which really help pay the bills and moving in new directions and i appreciate all the support. Heres a poem i wrote a couple nights ago on the beauty of sight:

“The See-er”

I’m a see-er,
Just like you
Skies of blue
Just a see-er
Quite a sight
Looks alright?

May i ask:
Hows your view?
Eye to eye
Me and you
Is it bright? Dark or bland
Clear or blurry
See your hand?

Some cannot
But not us
Gifted body
In seeds of dust
Such powerful eyes
And you can read!
An underserved prize

How can we show gratitude?
In really seeing
Not just look
Smile at flowers
Read a book
Write a poem
Make some art!
This is home
See your heart
Use your gifts
For they don’t last
The gift of sight
Is gone so fast