Asura असुर #3 of 6

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Art is an umbrella term that shields us from the rain of societal conditioning. It reveals a rainbow spectrum from egoic false narratives to an insightful glimpse of the inner working of the human psyche. Its a mirror of the soul, a reflection of who we are as individuals and society as a whole. The artists role is of the most important to understanding the condition of the world we live in. To most, the creators actions are confusing but maybe thats the point; to vibrate on a wave slightly offset and even higher than the norm in order to remind us of our humanity and break the tension of mediocre complacency. Combined with good intent, creation has the power to promote positive change. Find the fire in your soul to be a better human than you were yesterday. Be spontaneous! Adventurous! Creative! Loving! Human! 💀
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This piece was made with a rare color pull named radioactive swamp, it has a thick layer of uv reactive green illuminati over brown and accented with illuminati horns so the whole things pops in uv light. Its definitely a new favorite color :)